What is Keypic

Keypic protects you from Spam without using CAPTCHA.

CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) were initially created to protect Web Forms against Robots and spammers. But by now, CAPTCHA has become a problem itself.

CAPTCHAs are difficult and annoying for standard users, very difficult for old people and almost impossible for people with disabilities. Also, CAPTCHAs are very difficult for everybody on smart-phones.

With CAPTCHA you can see your site conversion and retention go down.

While CAPTCHAs are hard for human users, they are easily understood by spambots that use advance OCR tools to read CAPTCHAs and send spam easily in the Web forms. So, Web sites have to use more and more complicated CAPTCHAs, and human users cannot read them. That's why CAPTCHA does not resolve the spam problem and make your users go away.

Keypic helps you get rid of Spam, and of CAPTCHA.

Keypic doesn't require any action from the user. Our system analyses users' behaviour and automatically separates humans from bots and spammers.

Look how we do it